Silent Hill Could Possibly Return As A VR Game

Konami’s legendary horror franchise might be back from the dead.

The past couple of years have been hard for fans of Konami’s horror game franchise Silent Hill. Back in 2012, legendary video game developer Hideo Kojima, the same mind behind Metal Gear Solid, was approached by Konami to direct a new installment in the series, to which he gladly accepted.

In 2015, the project, entitled Silent Hills, was unceremoniously canceled by Konami due to internal conflicts that reportedly arose between the company and Director Hideo Kojima, much to the dismay of the video game community. Now, roughly seven years later, it appears as though there may be hope yet for Silent Hill fans.

Credit: Chizai-Watch

Konami recently updated five of its trademarks, one of which directly references Silent Hill. Not only that, but the accompanying description also mentions a “virtual reality headset,” hinting at a potential adaptation for VR headsets. The filing was first reported by the website RelyOnHorror, which in turn credits Reddit user LongJonSiIver.

Sufficeth to say the horror genre has continued to thrive within the VR entertainment industry. Titles such as Resident Evil 7, Phasmophobia, and Deadness offer some of the most engaging VR experiences currently available on PS VR and PC VR headsets respectively. No doubt a Silent Hill VR adaptation would be a hit among the VR community.

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