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Steam Valve Vive VR Headset

Last month we had announced that the HTC Vive would be free to select developer applicants and that day has finally come. We were able take the HTC Vive for a spin at the VRLA Expo and it is definitely something we have been talking about non-stop since.

The HTC Vive Developer Edition is now ready for signups for willing developers at

Although there were a few hiccups in the first day of signups with some applicants not receiving a confirmation page, the web form has been fixed so sign away. HTC and Steam’s goal is to support as many VR content creators as possible and are expected to send out new units out every couple weeks. During the signup process, applicants are asked to describe their current project in development and the estimated time of completion, most likely to determine some sort of prioritization list.

In addition to the application for the headset, the SteamVR Developer Community and general SteamVR discussion pages are now also available. Both communities are publicly visible, so even if you do not receive a developer’s kit, you can still follow along with all the developer community activity.

This HTC Vive is a developer edition but commercial units will be available “at a later date this year”.

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