SideQuest & Creature Are Launching A $1 Million Indie VR Fund

The future of indie VR gaming looks bright.

SideQuest, the popular VR content platform specializing in indie games and apps, this week announced that it has partnered with mixed reality developer Creature to launch a $1 million creator fund catering specifically to independent VR developers.

Creators are encouraged to submit pitches for their original VR games directly to Creature via an online application beginning on August 18th. You’ll need to provide a brief pitch of your game as well as several details regarding your team. A full breakdown of the required information can be found here.

Credit: SideQuest

“Since we started SideQuest, we’ve often been asked why we don’t sign/launch/release games ourselves. The simple answer is: we’ve never had the expertise to do it before,” said Orla Harris, SideQuest COO, in an official release.

“Championing developers has always been our focus, but we’ve needed time to learn, grow, and build relationships with industry experts. Doug North Cook and the Creature team are those experts. And now, we have the funding to back them up. Together, we’re poised to help more indie devs get their games released while expanding what VR can offer.”

Credit: Creature

“SideQuest has a great reputation for supporting developers as they work to find an audience prior to release on one of the major platforms. Games like Gorilla TagAncient Dungeon VRWe Are One, and hundreds of others have benefitted from the community SideQuest has built,” added Doug North Cook, Creature CEO.

“We know that the best VR games have yet to be discovered and that many of those games will come from unexpected places – like most of our current favorite VR games. The teams making those next great games will benefit from the collected experience, support, and funding that this collaboration will provide.”

Credit: SideQuest, Creature

According to the official release, Creature will be in charge of managing the fund. For more information on the SideQuest X Creature Indie VR Fund visit

Feature Image Credit: SideQuest, Creature

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