SideQuest Can Now Be Accessed Inside Your VR Headset

The new update makes sideloading games and apps easier than ever.

If you own a Meta Quest headset you’ve probably heard of SideQuest. The popular VR platform features a wide variety of unofficial games and apps as well as a number of useful tools for your headset. Previously, you had to connect your headset to a computer or Android device using a USB Type-C cable in order to download content.

Thanks to a new update, however, you can now access the platforms growing catalog of VR games and apps directly from your Quest headset.

Earlier today, the company announced a major update to the SideQuest app that introduces a number of exciting improvements. This includes everything from the aforementioned in-VR app as well as a simplified sideloading process, additional headset settings, and more custom Home options. You can download the experimental in-VR app here.

Setup is fairly straightforward. After downloading the app and signing into your SideQuest account, connect the headset to your PC using a USB Type-C cable and select “Install SideQuest in your headset.” From here, visit the “Unknown Sources” tab in your Quest library and select the SideQuest app. You’ll then be asked to visit this website and enter the random code provided. Once you’ve confirmed the link, you can then begin downloading SideQuest content directly from your headset.

The new app also features built-in diagnostics that can detect whether your account is set to developer mode (required for sideloading) as well as any issues with the ADB drivers. There’s also a simplified file transfer system, making it easier to install VR game ports such as Team Beef’s DOOM 3, Quake 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Half-Life. If you’re new to sideloading, the app now features a handy-dandy instruction manual to help guide your through the sideloading process.

Last but not least, today’s update introduces a series of improvements to Custom Homes. In addition to the Home environments provided by Meta, you can also download custom Homes built by the community. This includes three new locations developed by the SideQuest team: Sydney Apartment, Space Cabin, and Relaxing Living Room.

Other custom Home environments available for download include Rick & Morty, Naruto, SpongeBob, The Simpsons, Minecraft, and Pokémon just to name a few. As if that weren’t cool enough, the team has also provided instructions on how to build your own Home environments and integrate them into your game APKs.

The experimental in-VR app is available for download here. According to the team, the existing SideQuest desktop app will continue to receive support alongside its VR counterpart. For more information check out the teams full post on Reddit.

Image Credit: SideQuest

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