Shutterstock’s New AR Feature Lets You Preview Wall Art Before Purchasing

‘View in Room’ mode opens up access to Shutterstock’s massive image library in AR.

Shutterstock—one of the leading commercial providers of stock photography, footage and music—have officially entered the AR market with ‘View Room’ mode, a new feature on the official Shutterstock customer app that lets you to select any image featured on the Shutterstock platform and view it in a real-world location.

After selecting an image and clicking on the “View in Room” button, the app will then open up your smartphone’s camera (so long as you’ve given it permission to do so) and allow you to stick the image to any flat vertical surface in your near vicinity. You’re then free to resize the image and move around the space to view it from any angle, gaining a crystal clear preview of how it looks in relation to the rest of the room in the process.

Image Credit: Mobile Marketing Magazine

“We have been committed to experimenting with cutting-edge technologies for over fifteen years,” said Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “After years of advancing our in-house computer vision technology to enhance search capabilities on web and mobile, we are very excited to announce our first AR-powered mobile viewing experience for customers.”

“This is yet another great project to have been developed from its initial iteration at our annual employee Hackathon, Hack to the Future. We decided to put this hack into production because of its potential to have an immediate customer impact.”

While several companies have already begun experimenting with AR home design, Shutterstock’s adoption of the technology marks a major stepping stone for the industry. The company fosters a growing community of over 650,000 contributors which results in hundreds of thousands of new images being added each week. Currently, the platform hosts an astonishing 250 million images and videos.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Shutterstock’s “View in Room” feature is just the latest in a series of AR applications designed specifically for home design. Back in 2017, Amazon launched their own augmented reality shopping feature which allows customers to preview certain furniture in their homes before purchasing. Last year IKEA turned to AR to help its customers with assembling products at home.

“View in Room” mode is available now via the Shutterstock customer app on iOS.

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