Artist Behind Famous Obama “Hope” Poster Launches VR/AR Exhibit

Shepard Fairey’s largest ever solo exhibit preserved in VR/AR using volumetric photogrammetry.

Last year, street artist Shepard Fairey, best known as the founder of OBEY clothing and the creator of the prolific “Hope” image featuring former President Barack Obama, launched “DAMAGED,” a wildly popular, limited run art exhibit in Los Angeles. It was the artist/activists largest solo exhibition to date, offering a selection of artwork centered around the “diverse Americans most affected by current policies and social issues.”

Captured and preserved using advanced laser scanning and volumetric photogrammetry technology, that same exhibit is now available to view from home using virtual and augmented reality. Users can download the “DAMAGED” app on a variety of major headsets to enter an immersive, VR showroom of interactive artwork, complete with over 100 minutes of narration by Shepard himself.

Users can also download the app on their iOS or Android devices and physically walk around the digital exhibit using augmented reality.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Shepard Fairey on this project as his visionary thinking is so aligned with out,” says Jacob Koo, CEO and Founder of VRt Ventures. “Our vision, which Shepard is helping us move forward, is to turn every museum, gallery and art exhibition into a virtual reality experience through our mobile app, preserving and archiving amazing exhibits, democratizing art and making it available for people all over the world to experiences.”

“As an artist, I understand that no matter how much time I put into a solo exhibition, there is only a finite amount of time that people can experience it in person before it goes away forever,” adds Shepard Fairey.

“In partnering with VRt Ventures, I am excited to know that art fans all around the world will be able to experience my largest solo exhibit to date in a profoundly powerful way through the “DAMAGED” mobile app even though they weren’t able to make it to Los Angeles where it debuted last year. Making art accessible is very important to me and I am happy to partner with VRt Ventures who share my philosophy.”

“DAMAGED” is now available for $4.99 USD on Oculus, Steam VR, Samsung Gear VR, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.

Image Credit: VRt Ventures / Shepard Fairey

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