Shelter In Place Offers Free VR Minigames To Those Under Lockdown

The open-ended sandbox offers over a dozen rooms to explore.

UnnamedVR launched back in 2019 as an open-ended sandbox game that let explore a virtual mansion and play a bunch of short mini-games, including basketball, darts, and archery.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the game has been renamed Shelter in Place and is now available as a free download as a part of a broader effort to help people stay entertained during the quarantine.

Other than the name change and the fact that it is now free to download, Shelter in Place is the same exact game that launched this past November. Players step into a mansion filled with 15 rooms, each featuring different mini games to play. Activities include basketball, darts, archery, drums, ziplining, 3D painting, a giant maze, and a bunch of other activities that can help pass the time while stuck at home while under lockdown.

One of the biggest struggles for people all around the globe during quarantine, has been finding ways to keep active and having fun while on home lock down. Paracosma recognizes this struggle and wants to be part of that larger mission to make the real world better by keeping people connected and active through AR and VR.

In an official press release, Ken Ehrhart, Founder and CEO of Paracosma, said, “With our Paracosma team members working from home in California, US, Tokyo, Japan and Kathmandu, Nepal, we have experienced first-hand the impacts of Coronavirus lock downs,”  Ehrhart adds, “We hope the gift of Sheltering in Place will help other people suffering similar restrictions have some fun passing the time.”

Some of the games feel unfinished and graphically it’s not the most impressive experience, but with 15 different mini games to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an activity you enjoy. Plus, it’s free!

Paracosma is also assisting companies struggling with remote co-working and ongoing travel bans by offering creative services to assist them in creating custom workspaces in AltspaceVR where teams can meet up, collaborate, and keep the workflow moving.

Shelter in Place/UnnamedVR is available for free via the Oculus Store, Viveport, and Steam.

Image Credit: Paracosma

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