Architects Can Now Access A Powerful VR Tool On Oculus Quest

Turn boring 2D floor plans into fully immersive 3D walkthroughs with the first Quest app designed specifically for architects.

When it comes to planning and design, a proper 2D floorplan can provide you with a bounty of critical information. Translating those measurements into a 3D format, however, can often be a difficult and time-consuming process.

As a result, many Architect, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals have begun turning to SENTIO VR, a software used in over 100 countries that can take 2D plans and transform them into fully immersive environments, allowing clients to view floorplans as 3D designs prior to construction.

In a recent press release, SENTIO VR has announced that they have officially launched their design app for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets through the Oculus App Lab, a new program by Facebook that allows developers to share unpolished apps that have yet to receive official store approval.

Image Credit: SENTIO VR

SENTIO VR, however, is far from unpolished. This is a fully operational 3D design tool that helps bridge the communication gap between businesses and their clients. The software also makes it easier for designers to bring their 2D visions to life as 3D walkthroughs. The app even works with software such as SketchUp and AutoDesk Revit, allowing you to easily import your designs directly into SENTIO VR without the need of any additional plug-ins or downloads.

Last month Shawn Whiting of Rec Room tweeted out a Rec Room slack message that read, “The actual number is prob more like 2-3M Quest 2s in Q4. We saw 1M *new* Quest users in the past 3 months. Guessing our attach rate is 40% or lower. We def haven’t gotten to all of them yet.”

This information is important because this tells us that there are a lot of Oculus Quest 2 headsets out there. Not only is this a great indicator for what’s happening in the industry, but it also shows us that people are embracing VR in their homes and businesses, which opens up the possibility of someone like an AEC professional sending a SENTIO VR presentation to a client for review. Of course, they could also view the 3D model on a PC, but there’s nothing quite like standing inside your own creation in VR.

Image Credit: SENTIO VR

But there is more to SENTIO VR than 3D walkthroughs. The software can also be used to create 360-degree virtual tours for real estate professionals, as well as host collaborative virtual meetings with up to 5 clients or business partners in the room using a simple 6 digit code and password to enter.  

You can also cast what you’re seeing in VR to a computer. This can be especially useful when conducting in-person meetings where not everyone has access to a VR headset.

This use of VR technology by AEC professionals and their clients could have a significant impact on VR adoption. SENTIO VR co-founder and CEO Chaitanya Ravi said, “With a high-quality standalone VR headset like Quest 2 at an affordable price point, easy-to-use software that integrates with design workflows, the barrier to entry to engage clients early and avoid communication errors in the design process using VR and SMBs (small or mid-sized business) has been reduced drastically.”

Image Credit: SENTIO VR

SENTIO VR has become a leader in the adoption of immersive tech for SMBs around the world. The Oculus App Lab has made it a lot easier for companies like SENTIO VR to distribute their software to designers all around the world and accelerate VR adoption.

You can download SENTIO VR’s free app through the Oculus App Lab now. If you have questions, feel free to email the company at

Feature Image Credit: SENTIO VR

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