See How Apple’s Mac Studio Looks On Your Desk Using AR

Save yourself a few thousand dollars with this free AR experience.

During yesterday’s “Peek Performance” event Apple unveiled the Mac Studio, a new desktop computer designed specifically for creative professionals looking to get the most out of their workstations. The device is the first to feature Apple’s new M1 Ultra computer chip, offering a significant improvement in performance compared to existing personal computers.

Of course, all that power comes with a hefty price tag. The lesser-powered Mac Studio with the M1 Max chipset begins at $1,900 while the Mac Studio with the improved M1 Ultra is available starting at a whopping $3,999, and that’s not even including the $1,599 Studio Display.

If you’re hesitant about purchasing the Mac Studio, or just curious what the device might look like in your workspace or office, Apple has released a new AR experience that brings the device to life in your real-world environment; no purchase necessary.

All you have to do is visit on a compatible iPhone or iPad device and select “View Mac Studio in AR.” The website will then open your camera app, automatically scan your environment, and project a virtual Mac Studio in your real-world space. You’re then free to adjust the size, angle, and position by swiping your fingers on the screen. While compatible with a variety of Apple devices, those with LiDAR technology (iPhone 13, iPad Pro) will offer the fastest and highest-quality experience.

Like all of Apple’s products, the AR Mac Studio features an incredible level of detail, right down to its texture. For the best results, be sure you have adequate lighting and a clean surface on which to project the virtual object. Of course, you can always deactivate the AR feature to view the object as a standard 3D object on the website, but where’s the fun in that?

Needless to say, Apple has been anything but shy about its interest in AR technology. The company is currently in the development of a consumer-ready mixed reality headset capable of running both VR and AR experiences. The mixed reality device was rumored to have been delayed until 2023, though Apple has yet to comment. The company has also experimented with smaller AR easter eggs in the past, such as the one included as part of its 2021 event invite.

Image Credit: Apple

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