Creator Of Second Life Sells Sansar Social VR Platform

Linden Labs will instead refocus its efforts on the legendary Second Life platform.

Linden Labs confirmed in an official blog post yesterday that the company has sold the rights to its enterprising VR social platform Sansar to San Francisco-based start-up Wookey Project Corp.

“We are proud to have given birth to this amazing platform for creativity and live events, and encourage our community to continue the process of supporting Sansar as it shifts to new ownership”, states the company in the release.

(Image Credit: Linden Labs)

Linden Labs had attempted to set its platform apart from competing social platforms via a series of exclusive live events taking place entirely in VR. In January 2019, the company announced a partnership with nationally recognized comedy festival SF Sketchfest to conduct a series of live standup shows on the platform; this included performances by accomplished comedians like David Cross (Mr. Show, Arrested Development) and Arden Myrin (Inside Amy Schumer, Insatiable).

The company then partnered with electronic music label Monstercat to host a series of VR dance parties featuring live performances by top musical acts. I myself attended a live performance by Glitch Mob which included custom 3D visuals as well as a VR merch booth.

Moving forward, the developer says it’s refocusing its attention on its existing Second Life platform.

“Linden Lab chose to streamline its focus to continue the development and operations of the leading virtual world Second Life and licensed money services provider Tilia.”

As for Sansar, Wookey Project Corp. will continue to support and expand upon the social VR platform.

Feature Image Credit: Linden Labs

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