Screensavers VR Drops You Headfirst Into History’s Most Famous PC Screensavers

Relive the ’90s in a part-parody, part-tribute available October 22nd.

Those of us lucky enough to have grown up during the 1990’s no doubt harbor fond memories of early home computer entertainment. Connecting through dial-up, waiting for 12-minutes for a single image to load, recklessly buying PC games and then realizing you didn’t have the right components; you know, the good old days. 

Available October 22nd on both 6dof and 3dof VR devices, Screensavers VR attempts to capture that delicious ‘90s nostalgia by allowing users to immerse themselves in 3D recreations of their favorite classic screensavers. Developed by LA-based developer FLOAT LAND, the experience begins with players standing in front of a dated CRT computer monitor surrounded by a variety of interactive easter eggs. By dipping their heads into the monitor itself, however, players can teleport themselves into interactive HD recreations of five familiar screensaver animations: 3D Pipes, Starfield Simulation, 3D Maze, 3D Text, and 3D Lasers. 

Image Credit: FLOAT LAND

Each of these worlds features a variety of customizable options that allow users to not only relive these classic animations in VR, but alter and enhance them as well. While immersed in Pipes, for instance, they can use their motion controllers to pilot their way through the ever-growing network of multicolored piping. In 3D Starfield, they can increase the speed at which they travel through space, as well as activate lightspeed for an extra-trippy cosmic experience; meanwhile, in 3D Text, they can generate a 3D visual of any word or phrase they speak into the mic.

“What began as a tool to prevent CRT monitor burn-in of static pixels became a dynamic canvas for whimsy and experimentation,” stated FLOAT LAND in an official press release. “Virtual reality allows for a spatial experience that lets us honor the visual language of this classic software and pay tribute to this moment in media history.”

Image Credit: FLOAT LAND

“Screensavers VR started as a small ode to the classic screensaver,” added Daniel Lisi, Producer FLOAT LAND, in an email to VRScout. “It was funny to bring old CRT art into a spatialized VR context. We found that it struck a chord with a variety of different creatives, evoking something between nostalgia and imagination, so we ran further with the concept. This project has become a staging ground for creatives to run wild with new generative art, inspired by these mysterious CRT portals from the ’90s.”

Image Credit: FLOAT LAND

Along with the five ‘classic’ worlds available at launch, FLOAT LAND has confirmed a series of post-launch and DLC content scheduled for release sometime after October. This includes an additional ‘friends’ pack that will feature the work of Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors), Casey Kauffmann (UncannySFValley), Joanne McNeil (Rhizome), and various other artists and writers.

Screensavers VR launches on PC VR, Mobile VR, 6DOF & 3DOF, and compatible Mobile AR devices October 22nd for $4.99. You can check out more information via the title’s official Steam listing.

Feature Image Credit: FLOAT LAND

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