Scarlett Johansson Battles Other Celebrities In VR Pictionary On ‘Fallon’

The VR segment returns to The Tonight Show with new A-list competitors.  

Jimmy Fallon made waves back in December when he first introduced the latest Tonight Show segment dedicated to pitting celebrities against each other in bizarre ways, VR Pictionary. Audiences were treated to a hysterical contest as Michael Che of SNL’s Weekend Update and Andrew Rannells of HBO’s Girls used the popular VR art tool Tiltbrush to battle each other in a round of three-dimensional Pictionary. Well in honor of the upcoming release of futuristic crime-thriller, Ghost In The Shell, Fallon shook the dust off his Vive and brought in a brand new group of celebrities for another round of high-tech hilarity.

On Monday night’s Tonight Show, Scarlett Johansson teamed up with returning player Michael Che to take on Dove Cameron and Fallon in a no-holds-barred war of the brushes. Things started off at a respective pace, with Cameron taking only a couple moments to guess Fallon’s hasty rendition of a clown car. After that an extremely shaky Scar Jo donned the headset and began what I’m sure most of the audience, myself included, thought would be a rough round. VR veteran Michael Che was there to lend a hand however, guessing Johansson’s “drawing” of a pinball machine almost instantaneously.

Without giving away who won i’ll just say that the rest of the competition saw a valiant effort from both parties. Honestly the most interesting part of the segment was how easy it was for each player to pick up the Vive controller and begin enjoying the virtual experience. Based on their reactions it would be fair to assume that this may of been Johansson and Cameron’s first time in virtual reality. However despite this they almost immediately began using the freedom of head-tracking to draw their assignments in three-dimensions. Scarlett went from nausea to ecstasy in almost the blink of an eye. Hopefully this kind of accessibility will continue to excite people about the possibilities of this easy-to-use medium of creativity.

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