Santa Brought the Samsung Gear VR for Christmas


Christmas this year marked a new milestone for virtual reality with the first major consumer VR headset shipping in time for the holidays.

The Samsung Gear VR began shipping and was also available in store at the end of November. Despite being sold out for the majority of December, the Gear VR found it’s way into the hands of ecstatic first time users. Much like we had written last month about the initial reactions from first time Gear VR buyers, based on Instagram photos and tweets, this was one present many were happy to unwrap (Click Play Below).

I’m not excited AT ALL to get my new @samsungcanada #GearVR. Not. One. Bit.

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Taking a look on Twitter, trying out the Samsung Gear VR for the first time was definitely mind blowing for some users. Some didn’t know if they could go back to watching content in a box.

Some never left virtual reality.

One user compared it to a theme park, have you seen The VOID VR?

And when it came time to getting back to real life…

Some were already having withdrawals.

Now when it came to Instagram. Yes, there were quite a few ecstatic photos of users trying on the Gear VR for the the first time. But the theme over there seemed to be getting scared reactions from loved ones during Christmas (mostly playing Sisters).

It starts off with some guarded punches.  (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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Don’t worry little cousin, there’s nothing scary to see here. (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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Oh no, auntie is going to pee her pants. (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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Friends were just not amused on Christmas. (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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Sisters must be really scary. (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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And when everyone was done being scared out of their mind, all mom really wanted to do was check out the latest Lebron James 360 video experience. (CLICK PLAY BELOW)

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Thanks Santa.

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