Samsung’s Creator Program and Launch of Gear 360 in U.S.

Samsung Creators is a new initiative for filmmakers to empower VR storytelling and Gear 360 goes on sale in US on ‘limited basis’.

The Gear 360 is slowly making its way to America and Samsung is hoping to show everyday creators what’s possible with Samsung VR technology.

On Wednesday, Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Creators, a program aimed at encouraging content creation across a variety of audiences and channels. Samsung Creators, as its called, will include a series of seminars and classes, putting VR capabilities in the hands of filmmakers and influencers to further accelerating this new immersive medium.

Samsung Creators initiatives will launch at first during Vidcon, the annual online video conference where thousands of creators, fans and industry representatives gather in Anaheim, CA this week. Samsung has been working with daily vlogger Casey Neistat leading up to VidCon, where Neistat is expected to spotlight emerging creators from YouTube and host a special VR video premiere at the conference.

Neistat vlogging from the Oscars with Gear 360.

Neistat vlogging from the Oscars with Gear 360.

“We want to bring the power of VR technology directly to the people,” said Samsung Electronics America’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu. “To help creators learn and perfect the art of VR storytelling, we’ve built an entire VR ecosystem that pushes beyond the frame and empowers them to develop unforgettable, immersive stories, and inspires us all to do the same.”

The Gear 360 design was inspired by astronaut helmets.

The Gear 360 design was inspired by astronaut helmets.

In July, Samsung Creators will launch a competition, challenging aspiring, indie filmmakers and creators to develop VR / 360 content, using Samsung’s VR products. Ten winners will be chosen, one from each of the following ten categories: Music, Auto, Science and tech, Gaming, Travel, Fashion, Culinary, Cause-related, 4D and Sports. One winner from each of the 10 categories will win a prize that includes travel to the Creators Awards ceremony in New York, a cash prize and masterclasses with VR filmmaking pros.

Samsung Milk VR Rebrand

In addition, today Samsung launched Samsung VR – formerly known as Samsung Milk VR – which now supports user generated content. Creators can load their own 360-degree videos to the Samsung VR platform for sharing and for the first time view them in Samsung Gear VR.

Limited launch of Gear 360 in U.S. for $349.99


We finally have an update for the Gear 360 camera in the US! Samsung announced that the badass 360° camera will priced at $349.99 in the United States and will be available for purchase on a “limited basis” during VidCon. Details about additional availability will follow later in the year.

You can check out our unboxing and early test footage with the Gear 360 here.

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