These Olympic Hopefuls Dig In For Their Shot at Rio 2016

Samsung is bringing fans closer to the Olympic Games with this immersive Beach Volleyball VR film.

Every four years, over one million athletes globally train to qualify for the Olympic Games. So much hard work goes into training and preparation, with only 1% actually making it to the Games.

This is why Samsung wants to tell the inspiring stories of Olympic Games hopefuls who are defying barriers on their quest to compete.

Samsung, who is an official worldwide Olympic partner, is showing us one of these stories through their latest 360° film titled “Vanuatu Dreams” that lets you experience beach volleyball like never before.


Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville served as creative consultant for “Vanuatu Dreams,” which complements Samsung’s recently released documentary short, “A Fighting Chance.” The roughly three minute long VR short was created in partnership with Neville, giving a new perspective into the the training and preparation of two of the four athletes featured in “A Fighting Chance,” beach volleyball pair Miller Pata and Linline Matauatu from Vanuatu.


What a beautiful place to shoot 360° video.

Filming took place live on location in Miller and Linline’s home country, and involved extensive use of close-up 360° slow motion shots. The close up 360° shots were part of the filming strategy, positioning the camera 10-12 inches from the athletes without interfering with their movement. This allows you to feel nearly as close to the action as you would in person, letting you study Miller and Linline’s faces and see the sand kick up when they dive for the ball.

We can expect continued use of immersive video from Samsung leading up to Rio 2016 and during the Olympic Games, which we can’t wait to experience. The Olympic Games confirmed in March that they will be broadcasting live VR footage from Rio, so get your headset ready!  Back in July, Samsung also hit the road in a nine-stop Road to Rio Tour with Team USA to show off a four-part VR video series that gave you a look at how athletes are preparing for the Olympic Games.

“Vanuatu Dreams” is now available online and in VR via the Samsung Milk VR app, the company’s VR content platform.

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