Samsung Promotes Intelligent Smart Home With Family Guy AR Game

Samsung teams up with the popular adult cartoon series for a hilarious AR tour through their smart home product line-up.

Confused or intimidated by the vast array of Samsung smart home products at your disposal? Samsung has your back with a their brand new Doorway platform, a smartphone-based AR tool designed to help guide users through their smart-connected home. And what better way to educate Samsung’s millennial demographic on the in’s and out’s of their new experience than with an interactive Family Guy-themed AR game.

Utilizing a compatible Samsung device, walk through a digital Doorways “entrance” and into a complete 3D recreation of the Griffin Family home where some of your favorite characters will guide your through an AR tour through key Samsung Intelligent Home devices. Throughout the interactive experience you’ll have a variety of objectives to complete, each created to better familiarize you with each smart device and how they all work in unison within Samsung’s SmartThings cloud system. 

One activity involves selecting some “classic dinner music” via the smart fridge display panel and watching as the audio begins playing on the living room television and smart lighting adjusts to a more appropriate mood. Another task involves completing a tutorial on viewing products stored in the fridge and choosing particular ingredients from a Samsung Smart TV.

“For many consumers smart devices and the Internet of Things can seem like a complicated concept,” spoke Ian Heartfield, Chief Creative Officer at BBH London, in an official release. “It can be difficult for them to see what these devices can do and how they can all work together to benefit them. This need to bring it all to life for consumers is why we developed Doorways. Harnessing AR and the wit of Family Guy gives Samsung a unique solution to a complex challenge.”

“The ability to connect the physical to the digital world through AR is what got us excited about this collaboration in the first place,” adds Olivier Rabenschlag, Head of The Exploratory at Google, and key partner in the project. “Augmented Images in ARCore let you build AR apps that can respond to 2D images, such as posters or product packaging, in the user’s environment. In this instance we are using a physical door from the Family Guy universe as the entry point into an immersive experience and a completely new way to tell a story.”

Developed as part of a collaboration between Samsung, MediaMonks, Family Guy, and Google, the Family Guy AR game is just one of several planned partnerships with major media brands to assist in the education of Samsung’s Internet of Things.

Samsung’s Doorways platform first debuted at Berlin’s IFA innovations show and will continue touring influential technology events around globe as part of its launch.

Image Credit: Samsung

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