Samsung Releases Two New Gear VR Commercials

If you’re hoping to pick up a Samsung Gear VR in time for Christmas, the virtual reality headset is still showing as sold-out at all the major online retailers. With no word on when consumers can expect additional stock replenishments, Samsung is charging ahead anyways and teasing consumers with the release of two new Gear VR commercials.

The two 60-second commercial spots released on Samsung’s YouTube are a follow-up to the first 30-second commercial spot titled “It’s Not a Phone; It’s a Galaxy: Gear VR”, that coincided with the retail launch of the Gear VR and aired throughout the weekend on national television.


Although I originally wrote that the first Gear VR commercial wasn’t geeky enough because it just showed a montage of users putting on and taking off the Gear VR headset, it was a necessary introduction to millions of viewers on how mobile virtual reality actually works. The phone just snaps right into the front of the headset and you are ready to go – welcome to virtual reality.

Now that consumers have an idea on what the Gear VR is and how it works, Samsung’s two new commercials show consumers what they can expect from content experiences.

The titles of each video are clear; one spot is only about “cinematic” experiences and the other only about “gaming” with the Gear VR.

The “gaming” Gear VR commercial spot (below) highlights a few game title favorites, showing consumers what it can be like to play Temple Run VR, Gunjack, Lands End, and Twisted Realms.

The “cinematic” Gear VR commercial (below) shows what consumers can experience when pairing their Samsung phone with a Gear VR headset. Clips from a few VR films are highlighted including Jurassic World, Shark Dive, NYT VR’s Walking New York, and a Mountain Dew snowboarding film.

Each spot still keeps the same creative look-and-feel as the first commercial but really opens up the eyes of new viewers to what experiences are possible on the Gear VR – all in a very a simple way.

Curious to what song was played in both commercials, it is “Whistle” by Ladee Lush.

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