Samsung Gear 360 Now On Sale In UK For £349.00

Last month we reported that the Samsung’s Gear 360 camera became available in New Zealand, adding to the short list of countries, Korea and Singapore, where the Gear 360 was sold. In New Zealand, the consumer 360-degree camera can be purchased online in their regionalized store and will be made available in-store starting June 20th for a price of roughly $436 USD.

Now thanks to a few readers pointing it out, the Gear 360 is in stock and available for sale in the UK.

Being one of our favorite 360-degree consumer cameras on the market, you can now purchase the camera online in Samsung’s UK store for a price of £349.00, or roughly $496 USD. They will even include free express delivery.

Samsung is also throwing in a complimentary leather-like luxury case with the first 350 orders placed online.


Considering the Gear 360 was scheduled to launch in Q2 2016, we’ll take it as a good sign for the rest of us internationally looking to pick up a camera, that the UK now has availability.

If you’re in the United States, you’re still out of luck as we all wait to hear more information about availability and pricing. Pricing will most likely come closer to $500 USD.

If you need a Gear 360 right now, you can buy an international version for $449 on Amazon. International just means the manual is all in Korean, but honestly I don’t think you’ll need the manual.

Last month we finally got our hands on a Gear 360 and did the whole unboxing thing, taking it out to the beach and shooting some test footage. We’ve tested a number of consumer 360° cameras under the $1,000 price range and the Gear 360 is hands down our favorite.

For the record Samsung, we wouldn’t mind testing one of those sweet VR kits that Casey Neistat is rolling around with either. That’s a briefcase we can be proud to take to the office.


Image Credit: Casey Neistat

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