Samsung Reveals Four New AR & VR In-House Projects

Samsung’s C-Lab initiative is churning out some seriously incredible projects.

Since launching back in 2012, the C-Lab initiative has been hard at work developing industry-changing technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with virtual and augmented reality. The incubation program gives valuable resources and support to budding developers in the hopes of contributing to the growing community of technology-driven entrepreneurs. The company revealed some of its innovative in-house projects at last months CES in Las Vegas, but has remained silent since. However, it finally looks as though we’ll be getting a new look at a fresh batch of candidates soon, as it’s being reported that Samsung will be showcasing four of its best ongoing virtual and augmented reality projects at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. Let’s take a quick look at what we can expect to see:

TraVRer: A 360-degree travel app with impressive control


TraVRer aims to take the hassle out of traveling by immersing users in 360-degree videos of exotic locations, allowing them to explore the world from the comfort of their own homes. The 360-degree video platform provides users with unique sounds and events for each location, resulting in a truly authentic experience. Users can also direct the video to head in different directions, change the time of day and access specific info like a location’s current weather, time and more. It’s these types of interesting features that sets TraVRer apart from the dozens of other world-traveling VR apps.

Monitorless: Screen-sharing glasses for both VR & AR

Without a doubt the coolest entry on the list, the Monitorless (oof what a name) is a set of prototype glasses that allow wearers to navigate their smartphones and computers without the need of a separate monitor. The futuristic glasses connect to devices via wifi where they are displayed through the lens directly in front of the user. There are then options to control the opacity of the content being viewed, controlling whether or not it’s viewed in augmented or full-on virtual reality. You can even pair your smartphone to your headset and PC at the same time using 4G/LTE and use it as a touch-pad controller for PC gaming. Too cool.

VuildUs: Virtual home design with extreme accuracy

VuildUs is as home interior and furnishing solution that uses a swiveling 360-degree camera to capture and render a 3D virtual model of your home to fill with other virtual furniture. Users simply place their phone in a compatible VR headset and use the app to place and view virtual furniture from various online catalogues. All 3D renditions of the times are life-size providing 100% accuracy when planning and decorating a space. VuildUs even notifies you when certain items won’t fit in a designated space, saving you the hassle of physically measuring. And of course, all the items you select are purchasable without leaving the experience via Samsung Pay.

Relúmĭno: Cheap Support for the visually-impaired

samsung-c-labArguably the most intuitive project on the list, the Relúmĭno uses the affordable Samsung Gear VR to significantly amplify visuals and text, bringing better quality aid to the visually impaired. With techniques such as “remap[ing] blind spots by displacing images and uses an Amlser grid chart to correct distorted images caused by metamorphopsia,” the app could help bring clarity to those suffering across the world.

Samsung not only continues to push the envelope for what’s possible in this budding industry, but does so with a sense of class as it nurtures other fledgling projects and endeavors as they search for their own success among the giants. Hopefully programs like C-Lab continue to shine a light on the game-changing technology that continues to sprout from all ends of the earth.

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