S-ARKADE Transforms Your Home Into An 80s Arcade

The platform comes with five 80s-inspired games.

S-ARKADE is an immersive arcade gaming experience that transforms your physical space into a spatial augmented gaming platform using only a PC, projector, and spatial augmented reality (AR) software.

Created by the Italian company Tabula Natural Interfaces and software architect Stefano Baraldi, S-ARKADE maps the walls and floor of your home and projects virtual content that interacts with real-world objects, such as windows and doors.

You can even design your own custom levels by rearranging items such as shelves and picture frames or by installing S-ARKADE’s Hexakade platform building sets. These sets are made up of triangular shapes that work with the game’s system. When the game is off the shapes can double as decorative wall art.

Setting up your playing field is fairly straightforward. Begin by connecting your PC to a projector and activating the S-ARKADE software. You can then make small adjustments so that the virtual game board aligns perfectly with the corners of your room.

The S-ARKADE platform can accommodate any size surface. The graphics remind me of a classic ’80s arcade game with a visually-mesmerizing synth-wave twist. 

S-ARKADE’s Starter Pack includes five games in total: a Pong-style experience called Ponkanoid, a side-scroller called Room Raiders, a car racing game called Tablerace, a sci-fi experience called Neon Raiders, and an arcade-inspired game called WallERoids.

You can play each of the aforementioned games using a typical video game controller. You can also use your smartphone to race a car around a giant AR track or blast your friends into moondust as you zip around in outer space.

S-ARKADE doesn’t require an AR headset in order to play. The software works with any compatible PC or Mac device. Technically, you don’t even need a projector; you can use a big-screen TV or a LEDWall. That said, a projector will provide you with the experience.

Any kind of projector will work. Just keep in mind that you will need to keep the projector a certain distance from your walls in order for the game to function properly. If you’re playing indoors, the company recommends using a short-throw projector. If you’re playing outside, be sure to use a 4000 ANSI or higher projector for some kickass results. 

S-ARKADE isn’t available to the public just yet. When it does launch, each purchase will come pre-packed with the aforementioned Starter Pack. Tabula Natural Interfaces plans on releasing more games over time as well as an SDK in 2023 that will allow developers to build their own games and publish them on the S-ARKADE store.

The company recently launched a Kickstarter with donor tiers ranging from $199 to $999. If you’re interested in learning more, click here

Image Credit: Tabula Natural Interfaces

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