Upcoming Immersive Fashion Show ‘The Fabric Of Reality’ Promises The Future Of VR Exhibitions

Go hands-on with “sculptural garments” from three renowned designers in this one-of-a-kind digital showcase.

Verizon Media’s Emmy award-winning immersive content house RYOT is partnering with Kaleidoscope, the Fashion Innovation Agency, and The Museum of Other Realities on a first-of-its-kind fashion exhibit taking place entirely from VR.

Beginning July 29th, those with PC VR headsets can sign-in to the Museum of Other Realities, available free on both Oculus and Steam, and immerse themselves in a next-gen fashion showcase. Curated by the Fashion Innovation Agency, The Fabric of Reality will feature the works of three renowned designers, allowing attendees to view and interact with each of their “Sculptural Garments” in real-time.

In addition to the exhibit room, visitors can learn more about each piece by traveling through one of three “Storyworld” portals, transporting them to a self-contained universe base on the intended emotional impact of each piece.

According to Verizon Media, visitors can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience inspired by the following designers:

  • Damara – a fashion media practitioner who focuses on blurring the binary of physical and digital to create positive change for sustainability whilst exploring digital fashion. Damara has partnered with Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell), who has been commissioned by the likes of Marvel and Disney to create VR art for properties such as “Doctor Strange” and “Ready Player One”.
  • SABINNA – a designer who combines traditional handcraft with innovation to create timeless contemporary pieces to showcase how fashion can be a tool to reconnect with our mind and visions. SABINNA has partnered with VRHUMAN (aka Vladamir Ilic), who combines new mediums like Tilt Brush, 3D-software, and traditional media to expand our understanding of how we interact with our surroundings and with ourselves.
  • Charli Cohen – a designer and activist, focused on a progressive, next-gen model for the fashion industry, telling meaningful stories that are grounded in physical product. Charli has partnered with Ana Duncan, an illustrator and designer in the animation industry, who has worked on projects for Warner Brothers, Disney and Cartoon Network. Charli has also been paired with John Orion Young (JOY), who creates original virtual muses.

“Interactive, immersive digital experiences are the future of live events – whether to augment analogue experiences or pure-play digital events. Designers and creators want to tell a story with their creations and a virtual world like the one we are bringing to life with the Museum of Other Realities allows them to tell so much more of the story behind their designs.” said Mark Melling, Head of EMEA at RYOT.

“We hope that The Fabric of Reality will open up a world of possibilities for the future of fashion and other live events, along with bringing inspiration and enjoyment to fashion lovers all around the world.”

The Fabric of Reality kicks-off July 29th and will run for 12 months via The Museum of Other Realities, available free on Oculus Rift/Rift S and SteamVR headsets. In the past the immersive art platform has hosted a variety of virtual events, the most recent being a virtual rendition of Cannes XR’s Marché Du Film.

“It is vital that the fashion industry recognizes the potential of immersive technologies to revolutionize every element of how it creates and communicates, including that most iconic moment – the catwalk itself,” added Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency. “This project will reimagine the live show experience and offer an inspirational glimpse into the virtual future of fashion.”

Image Credit: RYOT, Kaleidoscope, FIA

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