Rumored Canceled Halo VR Game Revealed

“Don’t make a girl a promise, if you know you can’t keep it.”

Information has surfaced online regarding 343’s rumored canceled Halo VR game. In a recent Twitter post, video game informer Rebs Gaming shared supposed concept art from the canceled project, codenamed ‘Reverie.’

Based on the details provided, the game would have had players traveling to different locations using a “floaty” physics system reminiscent of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. One image directly references a jetpack controlled via motion controllers.

According to Rebs, developer 343 considered developing the game in 2017 but shifted gears due to various technical challenges and what was at the time a limited audience of VR users.

“Halo Infinite Virtual Reality project called Reverie that 343 considered creating in 2017 but didn’t due to hard challenges with VR and limited VR users,” said Rebs Gaming in the tweet. “However there were a few companies 343 interviewed that had an extreme amount of promise.”

Rebs followed up earlier today with footage of a VR mod called ReclaimerVR. In the 34-second video, a player can be seen interacting with a variety of weapons such as the Magnum pistol and Energy Sword using the Meta Touch controllers.

The video also features VR gameplay of the game’s iconic Warthog vehicle running on the original Meta Rift headset. According to Rebs, this was a demo created by a developer called Nibre_, who was hired by 343 in 2019 after posting the video online.

“In response to my post about the canceled Halo VR project, here’s our only look at what Halo VR would look like,” added Rebs. “This was created by Nibre_ who was hired by 343 as a Halo MCC engineer after he posted this in 2019.”

With the number of VR users on the rise—thanks to the mainstream adoption of popular headsets such as the Meta Quest 2 and Valve Index—and Paramount’s Halo TV show attracting new fans, now would be an excellent time for the company to return to the project.

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Image Credit: Rebs Gaming

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