RUMOR: Nintendo’s ‘NX’ Will Support VR

The NX is delayed, but for good reason.

I’m sure i’m not the only one deeply interested in what Nintendo has planned for it’s upcoming ‘NX’ device. I say ‘device’ because Nintendo has made it painfully clear that this isn’t JUST a console. It’s a magical piece of future technology that transcends the very definition of entertainment, or something to that extent. Well according to a report from Digitimes we just got a BIG hint as to what we might see with this new platform.

Citing sources “from the related upstream supply chain,” Digitimes is reporting that the Nintendo NX mass-production plan intended to begin mid-2016 has been delayed and will instead begin early next year. Why you ask? Well according to the report the decision was made not only to improve the overall system experience, but to integrate some form of VR support as well!  I’ll give you a second to process the bomb I just dropped on your unsuspecting heads…

Though the report claims the VR functionality will be integrated into the handheld portion of the Nintendo device, how it will be supported and to what extent is still unclear. Afterall Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé made it perfectly clear during last years E3 that the company would not be involving itself in virtual reality technology, so it’s surprising that they’re even considering it at all. Then again Nintendo said the same thing about mobile gaming for years and are now planning a large line-up of IOS and Android games.


It’s still unclear what the Nintendo NX actually is, but rumors speculate it may be some sort of console/handheld hybrid. We could see 3rd party VR integration in the form of head mounted displays connected to the device, but with a company like Nintendo you never know what you’re going to get. We’ll just have to wait for an announcement for more details, which unfortunately won’t be happening at his year’s E3.

This would also be a huge moment for virtual reality on consoles as a whole. If this rumor, and the ones about the Xbox One seeking Oculus Rift support are true, we would see VR integration in every major gaming platform currently available. This technology is new and will require proper nurturing in order to grow. Having this much support from high-profile platforms would almost guarantee its success and mainstream acceptance. We live in exciting times people!

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