RPG NPC Simulator VR Is A Simple But Surprisingly Fun Fantasy Management Game

Play the role of an NPC shop owner in this fantasy trading simulator.

Available now via SteamVR, RPG NPC Simulator VR places you in the role of an NPC shop owner tasked with keeping an endless wave of foul-mouthed “human” players stocked with all the weapons, items, and equipment they need to complete their quests. Set within a medievalesque fantasy world à la World of Warcraft, you’ll manage your very own “secret” shop, buying new items to sell, displaying goods on shelves, and purchasing items from visiting players.

It’s a slow start at first, but once business starts picking up the game quickly turns into a Black Friday simulator as your growing reputation begins to draw more powerful players. The game starts you off with a handful of weapons and items to get your business up and running, but otherwise, it’s up to you to stock up on goods, shelving, and other necessities.

Behind your shop is a menu that you can use to purchase items, alter prices, and select different shelves. You can then take your newly-purchased inside and display them on a variety of tables, stools, and shelving, each of which designed to hold specific goods. There’s also a bulletin board keeping you informed on the latest “in-game events” along with the specific weapons and items players are currently looking for. Upstairs is an unused second floor which you’ll eventually be able to fill with furniture and decorations as part of a future update.

Once you’ve generated a healthy amount of dough you can then purchase a blacksmith and forge more powerful weapons. You can also mine for additional resources and even loot fallen items off of deceased players. Occasionally, one or two shoppers will attempt to steal your goods. Luckily you’re provided with an anti-theft bow you can use to stop sticky-fingered patrons dead in their tracks. Simply pick up the weapon and reach over your shoulder to access your arrows.

Despite its rough appearance and simple game mechanics, RPG NPC Simulator VR does an impressive job of keeping you invested in the success of your fledgling fantasy business. I experienced a small handful of hiccups during my time with the game, the most noticeable being a glitch that allowed customers to walk into my shop despite both doors being shut — but otherwise, I thoroughly enjoying my time managing the needs of some truly annoying customers.

In an effort to better simulate the behavior of human players, each character comes with their own unique speech balloon. Some of these quotes are so realistic I forgot they were NPC’s: 

  • “Wish I didn’t have to wear my clothes.”
  • “Have you seen my kid? Oh wait, I don’t have one…”
  • “NOOO! My icecream got stolen!”
  • “Skank.”

Here are a few tips to help get you started satisfying these vulgar patrons:

  1. Take a stroll around the map before opening your doors! A quick three-minute lap will reveal a handful of dead players, some of whom carrying valuable high-level weapons. This will give you a little extra doe to help with your grand opening.
  2. Pay attention to the event board! This will provide regular updates on the types of items players are currently in need of, allowing you to fill your shelves with the right inventory.
  3. Buy items off visiting players! Sometimes players will try o sell you items they’ve collected during their quests. Supplies and weapons offered by players are often significantly cheaper than the ones available through the main catalog, so don’t be afraid to make some quick under-the-counter deals.
  4. Hike up those prices! You can’t make a profit if you don’t upsell. Experiment with prices to see just how much customers are willing to pay for each item. You’d be surprised how much dough some of the higher level players are willing to part with.

RPG NPC Simulator VR is 10% off ($8.99 $9.99) now until March 3rd via SteamVR.

Image Credit: Odooh Games

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