Royal Shakespeare Company Staging Interactive Virtual Performances Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Theater and motion capture technology collide in this upcoming live performance series.

This year celebrated British theatre organization the Royal Shakespeare Company will be hosting a series of live theatrical productions brought to life using a combination of motion capture technology and interactive storytelling elements that allow viewers to take part in a one-of-a-kind remote production of William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Image Credit: Stuart Martin, Royal Shakespeare Company

According to the RSC, the live performance, entitled Dream, will be conducted by seven actors dressed in motion capture suits which will allow them to interact with the virtual scenery in real-time from a motion capture stage located in Portsmouth. Viewing the action from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, attendees follow Puck, played by EM Williams, as the character guides them in and out of a virtual forest. Not only that, they can actually interact with the production in real-time using one of the above-mentioned devices. In addition to a musical score provided by the Philharmonic Orchestra, the performance will also feature a dynamic soundtrack influenced by the cast in real-time.

“An audience member sitting at home influencing the live performance from wherever they are – that’s exciting,” said RSC artistic director Gregory Doran while speaking to the BBC. “It’s not a replacement to being in the space with the performers but it opens up new opportunities. Shakespeare was our greatest storyteller and it’s brilliant that we get the opportunity to use one of his plays to discover what could be possible for live performance.”

Dream will be available from March 12th to the 20th. Those looking to attend can pick up a £10 ticket to interact with the performance or kick-back and watch the show for free. Tickets will be available beginning Monday 12:00 GMT. For more information on Dream and other theatrical productions available for streaming visit here.

This production is brought to us by the Manchester International Festival in collaboration with Marshmallow Laser Feast and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Feature Image Credit: Stuart Martin, Royal Shakespeare Company

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