‘Roll Or Die’ Is Basically ‘Monkey Ball’ In VR

Use a giant hamster ball to navigate vertigo-inducing obstacles in this physics-driven platformer.

Available now on Oculus Quest headsets via the App Lab, Roll or Die is an indie VR game from developer BrainSlugs83 that offers a fresh take on the VR platforming genre.

Image Credit: BrainSlugs83

Similar to the hit Gamecube series Monkey Ball, Roll or Die has players carefully rolling their way throughout a series of individual courses, each featuring its own unique obstacles to overcome. Along the way you can collect various gems and stars scattered throughout the map; the more you collect before you hit the final goal, the higher your overall score.

Instead of using a standard gamepad, however, Roll or Die has you operating a human-size hamster ball from a first-person perspective using your Touch controllers. By pointing your lasers at the inside of the ball and holding the trigger and/or grip buttons, you can grab onto the ball to change directions and speed to bypass colorful obstructions. This is easier said than done, as each level comes with its own precarious obstacles. Sometimes this means quickly rolling up a massive seesaw to reach an elevated platform, other times it means avoiding an army of violent cats, who are also inside hamster balls for some reason.

Despite the rough visuals and simplistic gameplay, we had a blast experimenting with the Monkey Ball-inspired physics and uniquely crafted obstacles. Just another example of fun and intuitive gameplay taking precedence over graphics.

I’d be very interested to see how the game progressed with several additional months of development. However, what’s here already is an excellent example of the endless potential of VR platformers. If you’re a die-hard Monkey Ball fan or just have a couple of bucks to spare, I’d recommend checking this one out.

Roll or Die is available for $2.99 on Oculus Quest via the App Lab.

Feature Image Credit: BrainSlugs83

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