Rokid’s Latest AR Glasses Promise BIG Entertainment

Rokid adds yet another addition to its lineup of portable AR hardware.

Rokid, a human-computer interaction technology company, is back with yet another pair of advanced augmented reality (AR) glasses that could replace your current home theater setup.

Rokid Max offers a 50% larger display area than the Rokid Air, the company’s previous AR glasses released last year. The next-gen AR glasses feature an impressive 215-inch boundaryless screen from 6 meters away, a maximum display rate of 120Hz, and a field-of-view of roughly 50 degrees. According to the company, Rokid Max is perfect for cinephiles looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy their favorite films and TV both conveniently and privately.

Credit: Rokid

The Rokid app available on the Google Play Store allows you to browse the web and access content from various streaming services directly from the glasses. You can even play games on your own personal cinema-sized screen anytime, anywhere.

Despite these technological advancements, the Rokid Max features a sleek, compact form factor; exactly what one would expect to see from a Rokid product. The optical Micro-OLED, 1920x1080P lenses reduce light leakage by 90% while keeping your in-headset activities private. The device itself weighs a mere 0.16 lbs (75g) and features a foldable design, promising much in the way of portability.

Credit: Rokid

“Everyone can enjoy stunning image quality, cinematic sound, riveting large-screen gaming experience, and limitless entertainment anywhere they go thanks to our Rokid Max AR glasses,” said Hui Du, head of Rokid Hardware Design Center, in an official release. “The Rokid Max offers an immersive movie and gaming experience, so buyers can take their favorite games and shows out with them, wherever they go.”

The Rokid Max is available for pre-order now for $439 and will begin shipping by the end of April 2023. For more information about the company’s lineup of AR glasses visit

Feature Image Credit: Rokid

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