Rocket League Meets Archery Meets VR In NOCK, Coming Soon To Quest

Grab your bow and jump into the virtual arena.

This week, developer Normal VR (Half+Half) unveiled its latest VR game, NOCK. Coming “soon” to the Quest platform, the multiplayer VR experience looks a lot like the popular vehicular soccer game Rocket League, only instead of driving rocket-powered cars, players instead use a bow and arrow to knock (oh my god I just got it) the ball into their opponents net.

Yesterday, the company released an official announcement trailer for the game, teasing a fast-paced competitive experience with a one-of-a-kind look. Based on the footage provided, it appears as though players will have access to a variety of different bows and arrows. At one point in the video, a player uses their bow to spawn a geometric object in order to ricochet the ball into the net. That said, it looks as though working with your team to develop new strategies will be a major part of NOCK.

Other than that very little is known about the game. According to Normal VR, we can expect the game to launch “soon” on Quest headsets. Upon closer inspection, NOCK appears to feature several elements from “Starball,” one of several minigames included in the developer’s first VR game, Half+Half. Whereas NOCK pits players against one another in a conventional arena, “Starball” has teams duking it out high above the clouds using virtual hand gliders. If NOCK is even half as fun as this underrated gem, we could be looking at one of the best competitive VR games of the year.

NOCK is expected to launch “soon” on Quest headsets. No word yet on the official price tag. Hopefully, we’ll learn more details regarding this unique-looking experience soon.

Feature Image Credit: Normal VR

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