Roblox MMO is Now The Largest VR Social Experience

The hugely successful massively multiplayer online game Roblox has just added virtual reality support. As a result, the title is now officially the largest multiplayer social experience for VR users.

Roblox tops out at 20 million monthly users, 300,000 of whom are regulars responsible for creating massive amounts of user-created content. Now that virtual reality support has been integrated, that’s over 20 million potential users interacting in VR on one platform! Ok now obviously the amount of people that own or have access to a VR headset is nowhere near 20 million, but as the popularity of this industry continues to boom, the realities of dealing with massive amounts of people interacting in a virtual space is a scenario developers need to start considering now.


Players can build, explore and interact with millions of others, all in virtual reality.

According to Roblox CEO David Baszucki, “ROBLOX is now the largest social VR platform in the world in terms of user count, hours of engagement, simultaneous players and volume of content.”

“Together with our creators, we are providing the most immersive social experiences in the history of user-generated gaming. With VR, we are changing gaming and entertainment as a whole by bringing imagination to life.”

It’s particularly exciting to have a game like Roblox leading the charge in social VR because of the endless possibilities it provides its players. The ability to create and challenge users to an ever-growing array of custom minigames and adventures will give VR users a one-stop destination to everything you could possibly hope to do in virtual reality. Explore, create, destroy, engage, interact, learn, do whatever you’d like! The virtual world is your oyster…

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