Ristband Returns To SXSW With Its Music Metaverse

The party returns on March 12th live via the metaverse.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festival draws everything from up-and-coming music artists and interactive media companies to forward-thinking startups and various other cutting-edge technologies.  

One of the companies featured this year is Ristband which will once again be hosting its Music Metaverse, a virtual event that combines the energy of live music with VR technology. Performing at the event will be the UK-based “collective,” Miro Shot.

Credit: Ristband

During SXSW 2022, I talked with Roman Rappak, CEO of Ristband and singer for Miro Shot, who told me how he was influenced by bands such as Kraftwerk and how they embraced “weird technology that was broken and hard to use and made music with it.”

This year, Miro Shot will be returning to SXW and will be presenting a completely revamped version of their concert, which will feature brand-new music and the latest in XR technology.

“With SXSW’s international reputation as a festival supporting emerging culture and technology under one roof, we are excited to have the opportunity to extend the festival in the metaverse with the true pioneers of this new digital era: the artists who are the driving force of this movement,” said Anne McKinnon, CEO of Ristband.

This year’s Music Metaverse showcase promises attendees an unforgettable experience that will expand the magic of SXSW.  Ristband’s official Music Metaverse event will answer questions such as how the metaverse will impact the live music industry and how contemporary artists are using AR/VR as well as the metaverse to reach new audiences. Along with the performance, Ristband’s event will feature a variety of discussions about how the metaverse will affect the industry.

Last year, Miro Shot used older Android devices to drop attendees into a VR environment that reacted with the band’s instruments as they played live. This year, Miro Shot partnered with HTC VIVE to immerse their audiences in a virtual world using HTC’s new all-in-one headset, the VIVE XR Elite.

Credit: Ristband

“Live music and physical events are at the heart of music culture, while at the same time, exciting new tools that can extend our concert into VR and a gaming platform like Ristband have had an incredibly powerful effect on the reach of our band,” said Rappak.

To attend the event, individuals must be 21+ and have an SXSW festival pass. The event will be held at The Venue ATX, which is a 5-minute walk away from the Convention Center. Oh, and you’ll have to RSVP!

Feature Image Credit: Ristband

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