The Ridiculous Conan VR Headsets at Comic-Con

Interact with Conan Pop! Vinyl figures in virtual reality all while wearing this on your head.

TBS and Conan were back at it again for Comic-Con International in San Diego with a slew of 360-degree VR activations that were a pleasant change from all the other horror and action packed experiences we had already seen.

Building on the success of CONAN360 VR at Comic-Con 2015, Team CoCo brought even more 360-degree camera angles to their Comic-Con shows, letting fans at home take the best seats in the house at Spreckels Theatre in VR for on-air tapings.

But there was one Conan experience that got even more people talking on the convention floor. In addition to the in-broadcast 360° video, the TBS Comic-Con booth let fans strap on a headset shaped like a Conan Pop! Vinyl figure to get an exclusive 360-degree peek into Conan O’Brien’s world.


Yes those are VR headsets — well sort of.

These giant vinyl figure heads doubled as a prop and VR headset. The secret — there was actually a Gear VR headset integrated inside, letting you slide the Conan head right on top of your noggin and transport yourself to Conan’s stage or office where you had a chance to interact with all four Conan O’Brien Pop! vinyl figures.


Pop! Vinyl figures are mini caricatures of pop cult characters and personalities. In this case, the Conan editions featured the host dressed up as various characters, including Stormtrooper Conan, Ghostbuster Conan, Superman Conan and Joker Conan.


If you were one of the fans that waited in the long tine to try the VR experience, suffering the torture of wearing vinyl Conan on your head, you had a chance to win the day’s exclusive Conan Pop! figure. Even if you didn’t win, there were plenty of other items being given away like posters and pins.


In addition to the giant VR head experience, Conan also had a life-size periscope topped with a giant Conan Pop! Vinyl figure head that towered over the booth to offer a bird’s-eye view of the convention floor. When you looked into the periscope that had another Gear 360 integrated into the viewing feature, you could get a 360-degree live view of Spreckels Theatre where the Conan shows were being taped.


You can view all of the Comic-Con 360-degree action at and if you want to see Conan get himself 3D scanned to be outfitted for the new Conan super hero suit, click here.

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