Rick & Morty Creator Reveals New VR Game Studio via Comic

Hoo boy! This is one cool studio son!

Justin Roiland, co-creator and co-voice of the hit animated series Rick & Morty, has buddied up with gaming veteran and former producer for Epic Games Tanya Watson to form a brand new game studio dedicated specifically to virtual reality. What’s this new venture called you ask? Squanchtendo Games. No, seriously.

The studio announced its first press release in typical Roland fashion, releasing a hysterical yet incredibly unsettling comic strip featuring the company’s official mascot, Splzooshly! This fun-loving hairy amoeba thing will give you the low-down on what Squanchtendo is all about and how you can get involved. He’ll also send a shiver up your spine! Check it out below err’ybody! Hoo boy!


The announcement doesn’t come as a total surprise as Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality for the HTC Vive was announced last month by Adult Swim. With Roland previously expressing his deep interest in developing for VR, it only makes sense that the man would want to take the reigns himself. Especially with the incredibly experienced Tanya Watson by his side. The former Epic game producer has a fairly impressive resume having worked on titles such as Gears of War, Bulletstorm and Fortnite to name a few. This creative combo is a match made in heaven. I’m sure we’ll be seeing great things from Squanchtendo in the near future. Hoo boy! I’m sticking my butt out! Goodness gracious!

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