Resolution Games Teases New VR Games

The company also announced several exciting updates for games like Demeo, Bait!, and Ultimechs.

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Resolution Games, the VR developer behind popular games like Demeo, Angry Birds VR, and Ultimechs. Today the company made a number of exciting announcements during its Resolution Games Showcase, such as the beta launch of Spatial Ops, a competitive multiplayer shooter that uses passthrough technology to immerse you in a mixed reality battlefield.

The event also featured the reveal of new games like Racket Club and Demeo Battles, major updates for existing titles like Demeo and Bait!, and the company’s latest developments in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality spaces, including its continued work on the Tinyverse.

The following is a recap of everything that took place during the Showcase:

Spatial Ops Open Beta (AVAILABLE NOW – SideQuest)

Resolution Games’ mixed reality FPS game Spatial Ops is now available in open beta on SideQuest.

With support for 1-8 players and Passthrough technology, Spatial Ops lets you transform any real-world environment into an urban battlefield. You can then engage in virtual combat with friends using a variety of powerful weaponry.

The game does not feature any form of artificial locomotion; you’ll need to physically move throughout your real-world space in order to dodge incoming fire. The game features several different game modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free-For-All.

Racket Club World Premiere (MORE INFO COMING 2023)

Racket Club is an upcoming multiplayer VR game that will allow players from around the world to compete against one another in a new virtual sport designed specifically for VR headsets. Other than that, little is known about this mysterious game, other than it promises to embrace the company’s “multiplayer ethos.”

More details about Rack Club will be unveiled in 2023.

Demeo Battles (COMING 2023)

Demeo is widely considered one of the best tabletop strategy games currently available on VR headsets, and today Resolution Games gave us more details regarding the long-awaited PvP version, along with never-before-seen gameplay footage. The darkness of Demeo’s dungeons has always felt more bearable with the light of friends, but what happens when friends become enemies? Or, dare I say, frenemies?

Demeo Battles turns the tables on everyone’s favorite VR tabletop game, pitting players against one another in PvP battles that will have them teaming up with the very monsters that once hunted them.

Demeo: Reign of Madness Update (AVAILABLE NOW FOR VR & PC)

The fifth and final chapter of the Mad Elven King Saga, “Reign of Madness” is now live on VR headsets. In this latest chapter you travel to the town of Ends to close the Rift Bridge and defeat the evil sorcerer, Rackarn. The free update can be accessed through the Quest Store and Steam, with a Pico release to follow. Resolution has also introduced a new character, named “Uhrak the Barbarian,” who uses the Hook of Varga to keep his companions close.

“Reign of Madness” features new enemies, levels, and cards, as well as a brand new orchestra arrangement of the title’s title track. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra also performed an all-new piece for the adventure.

The price of Demeo will increase to $39.99 on January 12th on all platforms to reflect the game’s new content. It will also feature the addition of four new adventures and three new playable characters.

Demeo: PC Edition Leaves Early Access, Comes to Steam Deck + Epic Games Store (AVAILABLE NOW)

If you’re a fan of Demeo’s desktop adventures you will see your experiences enhanced with several player-requested additions today as Demeo: PC Edition comes out of Early Access on Steam and also debuts on the Epic Games Store.

You can now take advantage of controller support and full Steam Deck optimization and enjoy Demeo in more ways than ever before.

Bait! ‘Fishin’ Buddies’ Update (AVAILABLE NOW – Quest)

For fans of Bait!, patience is rewarded. The first major update to the game since 2016 is now available on the Quest Store, and it brings multiplayer to the core game. This is the first time that players can experience the Meta Quest 2 experience together in real-time.

In addition to casting their lines at Penguin Point, four players can also join forces to compete in competitive tournaments. If hanging out is your thing, the new update will allow up to twelve individuals to meet up at the secluded island of Casters’ Cove, which is Resolution Games’ third Tinyverse. Here you can participate in a variety of social activities like racing RC boats, skipping stones along the beach, paddling around in inflatable floaties, and more.

Bait! is available as a free download.

Blaston ‘Free-to-Play’ Update (AVAILABLE NOW FREE – Quest, SteamVR; COMING SOON – Pico)

Starting today, the popular PvP shooter Blaston is available as a free download on the Quest Store and Steam VR. Starting in 2023, Blaston will be coming to Pico Neo3 Link and Pico 4

In addition to the new free-to-play model, today’s update brings various upgrades and additions. This includes a revamped in-game store, new weapon attachments, and a reward for players who bought the game before December 15th. This includes the Golden Gratitude Pack (a $50+ value), which contains the Golden Gratitude Viper (exclusive skins that aren’t obtainable any other way), Golden Gratitude Clamos, and 1,160 Blasts that can be used in Blaston’s in-game shop.

Ultimechs Season 2 (AVAILABLE NOW – Quest, Pico, SteamVR)

Lastly, the competition is heating up with the second season of Ultimechs, available starting today. Season 2 gives you an all-new Arcade Mode where gloves return faster, cooldowns are shorter, and Supercharges are more plentiful than ever.

You can also put your XP towards a brand new UltiPass featuring 75 new items to unlock. This includes GauntJet Trails: an all-new customization option that zooms behind your rocket fists every time they’re fired. Ultimechs is available as a free download on the Quest Store, Pico, and SteamVR

To view the Resolution Games Showcase in its entirety, watch the restream by clicking here. To learn more about Resolution Games and its growing library of titles, visit, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

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