Report: Valve Will Follow Up Half-Life: Alyx With Left 4 Dead VR

Valve News Networks provides new updates on Half-Life: Alyx and the potential L4D VR game.

According to new information uncovered by Valve News Network while data-mining SteamVR, Valve is currently in development of a Left 4 Dead VR spinoff. Run by independent reporter Tyle McVicker, you may recognize Valve News Network as the same source responsible for leaking information regarding Half-Life: Alyx prior to its official reveal this past November.

In a message posted to his Twitter on December 8th, Tyler claims that not only is Left 4 Dead VR real, but that more details surrounding Half-Life: Alyx will be revealed during the 2019 Game Awards taking place tomorrow at 5pm PT. 

McVicker breaks down the newly-discovered information in a video update posted onto the official Valve News Network YouTube channel. In it, he provides additional details regarding several strings from Left 4 Dead that were found in VR-related software that Valve has actively been making updates to. Some of the terms listed include “coach,” “biker,” “jimmy,” “riot_control,” “namvet,” and many other references to the Left 4 Dead franchise.

“Surprisingly, we have Left 4 Dead related strings showing their head for the first time in nearly three years,” states McVicker in the video. 

In the update, he discusses not only several Left 4 Dead related strings of code, but several updates to Half-Life: Alyx as well, including new enemies and weaponry. Based on the code found in SteamVR, the classic zombie enemy type will be making a return to the Half-Life universe, as well as a new enemy referred to as “The Reviver.” 

There’s also a reference to the Vortigaunt, an extra-dimensional alien race that served as a hostile enemy force in the original Half-Life before allying themselves with the protagonist, Gordon Freeman, during the events of Half-Life 2. Based on the details provided, it sounds as though these characters will be assisting the player throughout the game by providing healing support as well as additional firepower.  

Image Credit: Valve Corp.

In addition to these potential character updates, McVicker references several strings that could potentially be referencing some of the weapons featured in Half-Life: Alyx. According to McVicker, players will have access to a “Phys Gun” (possibly an early version of the now-confirmed “Gravity Gloves”), an “Energy Gun,” frag grenades, the iconic crowbar, as well as a weapon referred to as “Rapid Fire.”

Feature Image Credit: Valve Corp.

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