Report – XR Researcher Has Jailbroken The Oculus Quest 2

Root access to the standalone headset allows the developer to bypass Facebook login.

According to the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), an organization dedicated to creating safe immersive environments, an unnamed XR researcher has discovered a jailbreak for the Oculus Quest 2, gaining root access to the standalone VR headset. Supposedly, this has allowed them to bypass the required Facebook login.

While we’ve yet to see any proof of this discovery, the XR Safety Commission claims to have vetted the jailbreak and is currently working with the individual(s) responsible to ensure their legal safety.

“A researcher from the XR community has gained root access to Oculus Quest 2 and is able to bypass Facebook Login,” states the XRSI in an official announcement. “XRSI’s own researchers have validated this jailbreak and are currently working to gather assurances to protect the individuals who discovered these methods of jailbreak.”

“We have also learned there are other researchers out there, who have gained similar access and are unsure how to proceed without clear policies around the right to repair. If you are one of those researchers, we urge you to contact us and share the details in a secure manner. Contact XR Safety Initiative XRSI via or Use Signal 510-990-4438.”

This announcement comes on the heels of two bounties posted by a couple of prominent figures within the industry. Last month WebXR developer Robert Long posted a tweet promising $5,000 for a Quest 2 jailbreak. Shortly after former Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey offered to match the reward, adding further fuel to the fire.

As for this mystery researcher, it makes sense that XRSI is taking the necessary steps to keep their identity hidden as they could be facing legal repercussions from Facebook due to their actions. This leads to a greater conversation regarding a consumer’s “Right to Repair.”

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