What You Wear Matters In ‘Reign Of Cthulhu,’ A Lovecraftian AR Adventure

Clothes maketh the man and woman in Warerplai’s turn-based AR strategy game.

The immersive entertainment industry is currently neck-deep in smartphone-based AR applications. From established corporations such as Google attempting cross platform, multi-person shared experiences, to independent developers looking to bring classic Dungeons & Dragons gameplay into the 21st Century, groundbreaking new platforms such as Android’s ARCore+ and Apple’s ARkit have made it insanely easy for creators to jump on the AR bandwagon.

So how exactly do you set yourself apart as an up-and-coming AR developer looking to make your mark in an already crowded market? If you’re immersive studio Warerplai,, you enhance your already impressive lovecraftian augmented adventure even further by turning real-life items, such as t-shirts, into critical in-game tools.

Available for free soon on iOS & Android, Reign of Cthulhu is a mythical turn-based strategy game set within a fictional universe heavily inspired by the work of 1920’s American sci-fi/horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Thousands of years after the war between the “Deep Ones”, Cthulhu and Soggoth, the Deep Ones have begun to rise once again to bring chaos to the sunken city of R’ylah. Players must choose from one of three armies in order to fight, assist, or even exploit the new found termoil brought upon humankind

Up to six players can team up to battle horrifying creatures in epic boss battle moments, search for artifacts, even uncover 1,000 year old remnants from the ancient battle long ago. Of course you could always ditch the cooperative element and go straight for the throat with one-on-one battles between you and your friends. To win on of these intense duals, you’ll have to capture territory by laying down special portals capable of summoning creatures, ancient heroes, and other useful entities.

An active discovery element also encourages users to go outside and explore their local area in order to unlock new portals. These special AR locations serve as gateways in-and-out of R’ylah, each filled with new worlds to traverse and beings to meet.

The coolest part, however, comes in the form of a unique user interface which utilizes real-life t-shirts to display the critical information of active players. Each shirt will display key information regarding its wearer such as their win-loss record, special artifacts, and other informative game data. These shirts are also capable of accessing new portals and multiplayer arenas, all in AR, all in real-time.

The companies official Kickstarter currently sits at $85,193, well past their original goal of $40,000. Of course that doesn’t mean Warerplai can’t raise the roof even further! If they’re able to reach a stretch goal of $100,000, the company will implement a full crafting system, allowing players to combine collected resources in order to create unique weapons and equipment.

Warerplai also promises “slotted cards,” which let players use crafted upgrades on various troop and equipment buffs. The company has an impressive range of donor levels to select from, each packed with a generous amount of bonuses and goodies, such as official merch, faction-specific quests, and helpful in-game upgrades.

So, whether you’re looking for a cooperative journey to slay an ancient evil alongside your bro, the chance to duke it out against a smack-talking friend in a wide selection of multiplayer AR battle arenas, or a simple solo exploration across a few never-before-traveled light paths, it seems as though Reign of Cthulhu is an augmented RPG built with everyone in mind. So long as you’re cool with terrifying creatures, endlessly creepy environments, and horrible tales of death and danger that is. You know, just your average Lovecraft lore.

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