Refinery29 Jumps Into Virtual Reality With New Series

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Samsung’s Milk VR and fashion publisher Refinery29 have teamed up to launch a virtual reality series called “Fashionably Bound.”

The original series has been made available exclusively on the Samsung Gear VR and lets viewers venture to different parts of the world and follow along with groups of fashionable friends for a “wild” 24 hours.

In collaboration with London based virtual reality agency Visualise, the series lets viewers explore street fashion, boutiques, landmarks, and restaurants as if you’re actually walking around in the cities with a group of girls. The virtual reality experiences take place in cities like Tulum, New Orleans, and Berlin.

The first two parts of the series are now available for download and take place at a resort in Tulum. We put on our GearVR headset for the launch of the “Fashionably Bound” series and virtually met up with a group of young ladies who spent most of the day drinking (at 6:00am and even during yoga) and chatted about swimming naked while lounging next to a pool. At one point you find yourself having a deep conversation in their hotel room while another “friend” delicately bites at an apple next to you. If the rest of the series looks anything like the first parts we have seen, we can expect there to be heavy drinking throughout.


“Fashionably Bound” is expected to also feature style icons like DJ Chelsea Leyland (in Berlin) and TIK and Cipriana Quann, founders of Urban Bush Babes (in New Orleans).

Through its new partnership with Refinery29, Samsung hopes to “open up the world of virtual reality to the tech-savvy female consumer, one style destination at a time.” Or in this case, one drink at a time.


In all seriousness, this is a great project collaboration between Refinery29 and Samsung. With the Gear VR’s upcoming headset releases to accommodate the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones, its clear Samsung’s investment into content creation and diversity in experiences for everyone will continue to push the platform forward.

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