Red Bull TV Releases Lollapalooza 360° Video Performances

Catch some of the best performances at the festival with these killer 360° videos.

Another year, another legendary four days of pure insanity at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Lollapalooza. Although the festival came to a close earlier this month, that doesn’t mean you still can’t experience all the action yourself. You can of course relive the magic of those incredible couple of days by checking out standard 2D video, or you could step it up and immerse yourself with a series of 360° VR music performances.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Red Bull TV, you can now dive head-first into some of the Chicago festival’s best live performances via a series of 360° VR videos. By simply strapping on any mobile VR headset and heading to the official Red Bull Music & Culture YouTube channel, fans can access seven different 360° Lollapalooza 2017 performances from popular artists including Muse, Temples, White Reaper, The Districts, The Shelters and Vant.

While this does signify a stronger commitment towards the technology, this certainly isn’t the first time Red Bull TV has dabbled in virtual reality. The global entertainment organization has provided multiple 360 VR experiences for its various programs and competitions, as well as create their own 360 video hub. The Lollapalooza festival also partnered with Samsung in the past to bring the tech to the event for the first time just last year.

With the annual festival spreading to other culturally rich locations such as Chile, Germany and France, it could be a smart move on the organizers part to continue to use VR to help fans gain access to performances across the world. This team-up with Red Bull TV could have the potential to grow into a much more powerful partnership within the music broadcast industry.

Red Bull has also released a series of standard highlights and interviews from the hectic four-days over on their official website. Check out all of the 360-degree performances for free here.

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