Rec Room’s Latest VR Game Is A Western-Themed Shoot-Out

Get your posse together for some 3v3 action.

Saddle up everyone because Rec Room is galloping into the Wild West with a rootin’ tootin’ original experience called Showdown.

This western-inspired game has you and other players taking a ride on the old Rec Express to Sarsaparilla Springs, a legendary ghost town that is now used as a battlefield. The moment your spurs hit the dusty old town, the adventure begins.

Your first order of business will be to check out the latest in western fashion and try on some cool outfits. Your next move is to assemble your posse. Team up with the best gunslingers in the West and go head-to-head in 3v3 cork-loaded shootouts. The fastest hands will walk away with some pretty cool awards. 

Remember, being in a posse is all about loyalty, so stick together and make sure you pick the right weapon for each fight. This is how you become the best in the old Rec Room West!

In an official press release, Josh Wehrly, Co-founder and Assistant Creative Director, said, “When we set out to make a Rec Room Original, we’re always looking for new ways to expand what’s possible for players and creators in Rec Room.”

Wehrly adds, “Originals not only give us the opportunity to deliver rad new games but also drive creation in Rec Room forward by releasing the tools that power these games to the creative community.” 

On top of a cool Western shooter, Rec Room’s Showdown update will introduce new Maker Pen tools that you can use to refine your room with chips, circuits, and brand-new materials. You will also have PvP rooms that you can use to create fun multiplayer experiences.

Additionally, you’ll be able to design your own custom weapons and change their specs to adjust things like the rate of fire, distance, and star ratings, which should definitely spark some intense multiplayer hootin’ and hollerin’ action between you and other buckaroo’s.

If you’re wondering if the Rec Room community is excited about this new Rec Room original game, just check out the comments on Rec Room’s Twitter and YouTube accounts after they teased Showdown. 

Showdown will be available on Meta (Rift and Quest), iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam on August 18th, and the game will be available on more platforms in the coming months. Rec Room members can play an early access version of the game today. Yeeee-HAW!!

Image Credit: Rec Room Inc.

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