‘Rec Room’ Is Hosting Its Own VR Olympics

Sign up now for the chance to compete in the first-ever Reclympics, the official summer games of Rec Room.

This weekend marks the start of the inaugural Reclympics, a VR competition hosted by popular social VR platform Rec Room. Over the next three weeks, competitors from around the globe will go head-to-head in a variety of custom-made VR games in hopes of returning home with a coveted gold medal.

The Reclympics will feature seven games in total.

  • Archery (August 21st from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • A skill-based, solo event designed to highlight the skills of the questing community.
  • Discus Throw (August 28th from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • Competitors will need to be accurate if they hope to medal in this classic solo event.
  • Dodgeball (August 22nd from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • Two teams go head-to-head in fast-paced games of dodgeball.
  • Laser Tag (August 15th from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • Different regions battle for control of the battlefield in this team-based event.
  • Paintball (September 4th from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • A day-long tournament in which multiple teams go head-to-head in classic PvP Paintball.
  • Stunt Runner (August 14th from 11am PST – 3pm PST)
    • A solo competition in which players parkour their way through a complex obstacle course.
  • Ultimate Frisbee (August 29th from 11am PST – 3pm PST) –
    • One of the first user-generated games makes its Olympic debut in this unique team-based competition.

Before you can sign up for any of the above-mentioned events, however, you’ll need to choose a region in which to represent. There are eight clubhouses in total, each of which is based on a unique Rec Room location:

  • Paintball Plateau
  • Rec Room Main Campus
  • Cyberjunk City Limits
  • Creator Commonwealth
  • The Isles of Lost Skulls
  • Crimson Bog Swamp
  • The Goblin Kingdom
  • Frontier Island

In order to participate, you’ll need to fill out an application for each event you wish to compete in. The deadlines for Stunt Runner and Laser Tag have already passed, but you can still register for Archery and Dodgeball (August 12th deadline), Discus Throw and Ultimate Frisbee (August 23rd deadline), and Paintball (August 30th deadline). Team-based events will be organized by the community team staff. Here are some additional requirements:

  • You must have at least a Level 30 account.
  • Your account must have a confirmed email address.
  • You must be available for the entirey of each event you are competing in (usually between 11am – 3pm PST).
  • Your account must must be in good standing:
    1. Players banned between 7/1 – 8/14 may be denied registration.
    2. Players with a history of cheating may be denied registration.

The entirety of the summer games will be broadcasted live on YouTube during the event times. For more information on how to sign up visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Rec Room Inc.

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