‘Reality Portals’ Allow Real-Time Communication Between The Real World & VR

SVVR’s first project under their ambitious MULTIVERSE initiative links VR with the real world via mixed reality live events.

Since 2013, independent global VR community SVVR has worked tirelessly to develop a thriving global community for VR enthusiasts, developers, professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to sink their teeth into immersive technology. The company recently crossed their five year milestone, attaining over 6,000 active members in the process. And what better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than to introduce a massive new initiative dedicated strictly to real-time communication between real locations and the virtual world.

With a title that could easily be mistaken as the next Avengers film, the MULTIVERSE Initiative looks to link the real world with the virtual via coordinated live events. The first project launched as part of the program, entitled Reality Portals (Marvel please steal these names), offer ‘natural interaction telepresence’ between attendees at remote events and those in VR, who are represented as virtual avatars in real-time. This allows located in remote areas to not only attend location-specific events, but interact with their live attendees as well through a “two-way window.”

“Geography, platform fragmentation and exclusivity creates communities in isolation,” spoke Karl Krantz, SVVR partner and founder, in an official release. “We’re offering the community an open bridge for overcoming location, closed ecosystems and toxic echo chambers. MULTIVERSE is our vision for fostering an open, sustainable and healthy future for global communications.”

Running on the High Fidelity VR social platform, the official open source MULTIVERSE Development Kit will allow creators to connect virtual worlds with reality through their own “pop-up” reality portals when it launches later this year. Attendees at the five year anniversary party were treated to a preview of the impressive technology, interacting with virtual party-goers via a large monitor serving as the two-way window.

“The distance between the real world and virtual reality is getting smaller every day,” added Philip Rosedale, founder and CEO of High Fidelity. “Closing that distance and making it easy for people to interact in-person and with their avatar representations interchangeably, no matter the VR platform, their equipment or location unlocks the true potential of virtual reality. Projects like MULTIVERSE, Reality Portal and the VRBA are all exciting steps along that path.”

Of course for SVVR it’s all about giving back. This is why the organization has officially the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance, a partnership cofounded by High Fidelity dedicated to connecting open metaverse platforms as well as providing services to people around the globe. SVVR is also providing start-ups with the opportunity to become Passport members of SVVR Studios, the organizations new flagship co-working space located in Mountain View, California. Here, members have access to demo rooms, meeting spaces and other useful networking and educational opportunities.

Image Credit: SVVR / RoadtoVR / Jesse Damiani / Nicole Lazzaro

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