Real VR Fishing ‘Together Edition’ Update Lets You Cast Out With Friends

Tidy up the boat, we’re having friends over.

Real VR Fishing developer Miragesoft understands that when it comes to fishing, there’s nothing better than casting off with a few friends. That’s why after long-last the team is introducing official multiplayer support for their hyper-realistic immersive fishing experience as part of the Real VR Fishing “Together Edition” update.

“Not only will Real VR Fishing’s “Together Edition” opens the world of new social VR, where variety of interactive features exist, but it will also be another “level-up” for Real VR Fishing and a door for the users to communicate with the world during this pandemic situation and stay connected with their loved ones,” stated the company in an official release.

Arriving later this summer on Oculus Quest headsets, “Together Edition” introduces a suite of social features to the core Real VR Fishing experience. Players can now customize their avatars with a variety of hairstyles, outfits, and fishing equipment to help better distinguish themselves. Using the TV menu located in the living room lobby, players can create or join a room with up to three other players from around the world. Once connected, groups can see each others names as well as the types of fish they’ve caught.

While you’re reeling in exotic marine life, you can shoot the breeze using the all-new voice chat functionality. You can even immortalize those extra special moments with a screenshot or selfie using the brand new camera tool.

You can find a full breakdown of the the upcoming features here as provided by Miragesoft:

Multiplayer Features:

  • Up to 4 players available in one room
  • Choose multiplayer server via region
  • Create or join in a room from “Multiplayer” Menu on the TV screen
  • Host will decide which location to visit for all the users in the same room.
  • See other players information (Name, Type of fish caught)
  • Add friends from the Multiplayer menu.


  • Voice chat automatically activated when users enters a room. 
  • Voice Chat option “Push to Talk” available from the Menu. 
  • When the other player is talking, their name will be highlighted in yellow

Avatar Customization

  • Room on the right side of your TV screen to customize the avatar.
  • Fishing Equipment you have purchased are displayed in the character customizing room.

Extra Features

  • Renovation of the exterior Lodge design. Access to outside the Lodge is enabled
  • Can bring up a camera and take a screenshot and selfie, and holding camera with the users hand.

Real VR Fishing “Together Edition” launches August 6th on Oculus Quest. No word yet on the Oculus Rift/Rift S or SteamVR release.

Image Credit: Miragesoft

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