VR Rhythm Game ‘Rave Runner’ Announced For Oculus Quest

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Facebook’s fifth annual Oculus Connect event was arguable its biggest as the company revealed a plethora of updates to its ever growing catalogue of VR software, not to mention an entirely new standalone headset, the Oculus Quest.

The device, while not quite as powerful as its Rift counterpart, features 1600 x 1440 dual resolution, Touch controller support, and is capable of 6 degrees-of-freedom tracking, minus the need of a PC or smartphone. The headset will launch with over 50 immersive titles, such as Robo Recall, Dead & Buried, The Climb, and Moss, just to name a few.

Now it appears as though we can add another game to that list as Job J Stauffer, Co-Founder & CCO of Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment, confirmed via Twitter that the companies upcoming music-driven rhythm title, Rave Runner, is heading to the Oculus Quest alongside other 6DoF VR headsets.

Developed by Orpheus in partnership with Kinemotik Studios, Rave Runner follows a formula similar to that of other VR rhythm games currently available, albeit with a few small twists. Rave Runner was designed by the team as part of a series of fitness-focused VR experiences. As such, the game is designed to get the player moving as much as possible, tasking them with hitting colored blocks to a beat as they rhythmically wiz past. The various positions of these red and blue indicators make full use of a headsets 6DoF technology as the player is forced to slide across the virtual dance floor, busting out super sweet dance moves as a result.

“We set out to make a game that emphasizes the pure joy of movement, that encourages players to open their arms, to begin dancing, and to feel amazing,” spoke Ashley Cooper, designer and choreographer on Rave Runner, in an official release. “We’re now using the universal language of dance to share the joy that we feel while listening to music we love. We are beyond excited to invite everyone to join in our raves at PAX for the first time with our partners at Orpheus. We hope to inspire players everywhere to put time into entertainment that can truly give back to their own well-being, and to enjoy the experience and the results that follow.”

This combination of active movement blends perfectly with the wireless functionality of the Oculus Quest, offering users a rare chance at a completely untethered VR dance experience. While it’s true Beat Saber currently has a strange-hold on the rhythm game market in terms of high-end VR, Rave Runner has the chance to establish itself as THE rhythm-based VR game for standalone 6DoF devices.

This is especially possible due to the companies strong commitment towards self care and good health. The entry-level price tag of the Quest coupled with its wireless functionality could make it the ideal option for fitness-focused users looking to take their home gym to the next level.

Rave Runner arrives on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, and Windows Mixed Reality Fall 2018, with support for the Oculus Quest coming 2019.

Image Credit: Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment & Kinemotik Studios

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