Get Lost In The Rainforest With ‘Amazon Odyssey’ VR

Vive Studios is taking users on an interactive VR journey through one of Earth’s most incredible ecosystems.

The Amazon River Basin, the biggest tropical rainforest in the world, is not only home to 10% of the Earth’s known species, but also happens to be one of the coolest natural wonders one could possibly see. From its incredible variety of exotic plant life, to its jaw-dropping collection of collection of intense waterfalls and extended riverways, this awe-inspiring locale is as gorgeous as it is complex.

Thankfully the talented folks over at Vive Studios and developer Heavy Iron Studios are offering users the chance to explore all the most interesting aspects of this remote environment, minus the eight-hour flight and insanity-inducing mosquitos. Available now for the HTC Vive via Viveport, Amazon Odyssey takes users on an interactive tour through this infamous river that’s designed to entertain and excite while still remaining an educational VR experience.  

Throughout the experience you’ll traverse four interactive environments, each featuring their own immersive tasks. Tracking and capturing wildlife on film, paragliding over treetops and navigating a boat down the infamous river are just some of the exciting activities you’ll be engaging in. Finishing these individual adventures adds to a digital encyclopedia that keeps track of the exotic species you’ll come across as well as informative facts about your travels.

We’ve seen various VR and 360° videos spotlighting the beauty of the Amazon, but whereas most of these experiences are more passive and observational, Amazon Odyssey sets itself apart by providing an interactive element that makes it much more of a gaming experience. And what an enticing game it is. Amazon Odyssey touts some impressive graphics and animations that do wonders for the immersion of the experience. You can tell the virtual environments were painstakingly crafted to ensue a high level of details in its scenes.

If you’re a vagabond with even a small interest in checking out rare animals and foreign plant life while traversing down the most famous river in the world, you’ll definitely want to check this experience out.

Amazon Odyssey is available now via Viveport for $9.99.

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