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‘Quantaar’ Brings Fast-Paced Third-Person Melee To VR In 2021

The PvP VR melee game Quantaar is preparing to land on Kickstarter in March 2021.

Quantaar, a new third-person VR melee game from Taiwan-based indie studio Pumpkin Studio/Pumpkin VR, aims to rock VR gaming with a one-of-a-kind PvP experience that marries old-school fighting gameplay with immersive VR technology, offering competitive and casual players a fresh take on a long-running genre. 

The studio has developed three location-based VR titles since 2017. Their most-known VR horror game Taboo (2018) was developed in partnership with StarVR and distributed at SEGA in Japan and other VR centers across Asia. Quantaar is the new title which they have been developing since late 2018.  

A VR esports tournament the studio held in November 2019, Taipei Taiwan.

The studio launched the arcade version of Quantaar last November in 2019 for the location-based VR entertainment market. This all-in-one kiosk offers players convenient and low-cost access to VR beginning at around just $1USD. During an 11-day VR event in Taipei, the encompassing VR kiosk attracted more than 2500 players to experience the melee game, according to the studio’s website

“We’ve been waiting for the right time to bring our game online. We want to create a VR world where players can compete and connect with each other,” company founder and CEO Peter Liao said. The studio is currently developing the online version of Quantaar building a whole new VR multiplayer experience with its metaverse. 

While immersed in VR, players can use all types of controllers – motion controllers, Xbox, PlayStation, or even conventional arcade joystick buttons kit – to control their characters as they battle it out in 8-minute matches across a narrow arena. The goal is simple: knock your opponent off the arena using whatever means necessary. This includes random items appearing on the arena and tactical strategies.

Quantaar is a VR game made for all types of players and all generations, because the gameplay itself is simple but also hard to master,” the studio said on its website. To complete the game, the studio is planning to bring it on Kickstarter in March 2021

For more information on development visit Pumpkin’s twitter and its website blog.

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Image Credit: Pumpkin Studio/ Pumpkin VR

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