Punchkeyboard is the VR Keyboard You’ve Been Waiting For

A comfortable design and word prediction make this the best VR keyboard on the market.

Like any emerging technology, virtual reality still has a few problems that need resolving before the platform can truly begin to shine. One of those specific limitations is the difficulty that comes with entering text while fully immersed in VR. The most common solution to this problem has been to physically take off your headset to enter the info via a standard keyboard or use a simplistic virtual solution such as the ‘drum keyboard’ from Daydream Labs. Fret no more however, as we now have an advanced VR keyboard packed to the brim with incredibly convenient features.

Designed by VR & AR developer Jonathan Ravasz, Punchkeyboard is an open-source virtual reality keyboard designed specifically with fast-paced typing in mind. The interactive keys curve slightly around the user with each row lifted vertically to provide a comfortable experience as well as prevent ‘double key collisions.’ The free application also features word prediction and autocomplete functionalities based off a highly-accurate real-time algorithm. Much like a the keyboard on a mobile phone, word bubbles appear as the user begins to enter text, accurately predicting the rest of the word as well a possible follow-up.

The result is a smart, clean experience that combines the untethered freedom of motion controls with all the word assistance you could ask for. As previously stated the Punchkeyboard is completely open source, which means we’ll hopefully begin to see this valuable plugin being used in various VR apps and games as an accessible overlay.

Punchkeyboard is available for download free via Github.

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