PSVR Exclusive ‘Winds & Leaves’ Is The Peaceful Gardening Sim We Need After 2020

Re-flourish a barren wasteland by learning the long-forgotten art of cultivation in this laid-back interactive experience.

Trebuchet, the developer behind Prison Boss VR and Jousting Time, this week announced its latest game, Winds & Leaves, an upcoming VR gardening sim for PlayStation VR that will have you exploring a barren landscape filled with mysterious landmarks as you harness the ancient art of growing vegetation in an effort to bring life to this once beautiful world.

Players take on the role of “The Gardener,” a green-thumbed wanderer equipped with a variety of powerful tools, including the Stilts. This unique locomotion system involves using the PS Move controllers to quickly tiptoe your way throughout the eclectic in-game world. You can even adjust the height to match your pace and reach specific areas and items. You’ll also have access to a handful of garnering tools that you’ll use to spawn new flora. As you progress, you’ll unlock addition equipment upgrades as well as new fruit to plant.

This will be easier said than done, however, as each type of vegetation features its own specific requirements in order to grow. This includes what biome you’re in, the soil condition, and various other important factors. As you progress throughout the non-linear experience, you’ll come across numerous climates, biomes, and landmarks, filling empty riverbeds and repopulating lush forests with procedurally-grown trees along the way. Every alteration you make has an impact on your overall experience.

In addition to the visuals, the adaptive soundtrack will change depending on your location and the amount of vegetation you grow, promising an engaging audio experience that reacts to your presence in real-time. Growing flora also can also reveal ancient monuments and structures, allowing you to uncover a hidden mystery about this once-beautiful world. There are even dynamic time and weather simulation.

Image Credit: Trebuchet

“We are very excited about Winds and Leaves, as it is our largest project to date,” said Alexandre Pernot Lopes, Trebuchet Creative Director and Co-founder, in an official release. “We have welcomed a bunch of new faces in our team, and pushed our limits to create something unique and innovative. None of it would be possible without PlayStation’s incredible trust and support.”

Winds & Leaves arrives exclusively on PlayStation VR this Spring. For more information check out the official blog post.

Feature Image Credit: Trebuchet

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