All The PSVR Games Announced At Paris Games Week

Sony renews our faith in PSVR with a slew of new experiences coming soon.

Sony’s PlayStation Media Showcase at Paris Games Week has officially come and gone leaving audiences thirsty for a bounty of newly-revealed games. Aside from a slew of PlayStation reveals including new and final add-ons for Final Fantasy XV, an original title from Sucker Punch, and a sequel to Spelunky, the most surprising part of the entire media showcase however wasn’t the 4K Spider-Man footage (although that was incredible), but the impressive amount of new PSVR content on the way. From a god simulator to tower defense, here’s a list of all the new PSVR you have to look forward to:

Sprint Vector

Another amazing title from Survios, the creators of the hit wave-based shooter Raw Data, Sprint Vector finally makes it’s way to the PlayStation. Already available on Vive and Oculus, Sprint Vector has users sprinting, jumping and dodging their way past various obstacles in an adrenaline-fueled race. Simply start swinging your arms back and forth in a running motion and you’re off! Coming to PSVR soon.

Blood & Truth

Developed by the team behind the thrilling, but short, London Heist VR game, Blood and Truth pushes the action even further with a VR experience that’s as much a game as it is a cinematic adventure. As you travel through various locales you’ll pick locks, shoot bad guys, ignite C4 in a glorious explosion, etc. All of which looks even cooler when the game breaks into slow motion. Whether you’re brand-new to VR or a seasoned veteran, this will definitely be a title you want to keep on your radar.


Heavily inspired by titles such as Pilotwings, Ultrawings brings that same cute art style to VR for an arcade flying experience sure to make you smile. Take off and compete a selection of game modes such as target races,shooting competitions or just partake in some casual flying. There’s even a mode where you fly while simultaneously shooting targets with a handgun. You know, your usual aerospace activities.

League Of War VR

A VR game for those real-time strategy enthusiasts among us, League of War VR has you command your military forces in a miniature battle taking place on a table right in front of you. Only one headset? Grab a friend and a PS4 controller and have them join the action in a head-to-head battle.

Megalith VR

One of the more unique games teased at the event, Megalith puts you in the shoes of a living, breathing Titan in a battle for the title of God. Although the colorful trailer is sparse in terms of gameplay or action, it still manages to get the blood pumping.

Star Child

From the creators of the insanely fun VR platformer Lucky’s Tale comes Star Child, a side-scrolling action platformer with a sci-fi twist. Originally announced at this year’s E3 conference, Star Child flips the script on conventional platformers by allowing you to control both the side-scrolling protagonist as well as an enormous mechanical being capable of intervening when things start to get a little hot.

Bow To Blood

Any game that allows me live my dream of captaining a airship pirate vessel is ok in my book. That’s probably why I had goosebumps watching the trailer for Bow To Blood, a VR title built around commanding your own flying ship and taking on your foes. By working together with your crew, you’ll be able to chase down ships, blast holes into their hulls, whip out a pistol to take down futuristic enemy drones, and fly through the skies of a colorful universe that’s as gorgeous as it is deadly.

Dead Hungry

It’s about time this Zombie food-truck cooking game made it’s way to PlayStation. Previously released on Steam, Dead Hungry tasks you with ending the zombie apocalypse by satisfying the hunger of a zombie horde with good old burgers and fries. As you progress more undead customers will begin to crowd around your postapocalyptic food truck resulting in a hectic cluster fudge as you struggle to serve your flesh-hungry customers. You can pick up this zombie eatem up for PSVR now. Just in time for Halloween.


Originally revealed back at E3, Moss has players take control of Quill, a badass little mouse on a mission that’ll take her from gorgeous forests to hostile territory. You’ll navigate puzzles, battle various creatures and explore gorgeous landscapes in third-person experience sure to please any action adventure fan.

It’s fantastic to see Sony step up their game and make yet another big push in support of the PSVR platform. Not just in terms of quantity, but in their efforts to push the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay with unique moments you could only experience in VR.

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