PSVR 2019 ‘Demo Disc’ Includes Nine Kick-Ass Titles

If you’ve somehow never played Superhot VR, now’s your chance.

Playstation VR has, against the odds, proven itself to be a formidable console alternative to PC VR headsets. Where many high-end VR platforms pride themselves in touting the latest advances in hardware and the highest resolutions, Sony has instead chosen to focus their efforts on content, establishing a solid library of engaging VR experiences in the process.

Since 2016, in a move that can only be described as past meeting present, Sony has been channeling the spirit of late 1990’s, early 2000’s gaming with the release of two different Playstation VR ‘demo discs.’ Now, at the start of yet another year of VR gaming, the company has confirmed the arrival of its third collection of snackable demos available free to PSVR all users. Available now as a 12 GB download via the Playstation Store, PlayStation®VR Demo Collection 3 includes nine samples of what are easily some of the best titles available on the console headset.

Image Credit: Sony Playstation

Included in the package: award-winning platformer ASTROBOT Rescue Mission by JAPAN Studio, Tron-esque arcade tank shooter Battlezone by Rebellion, forehead-based juggling simulator Headmaster by Frame Interactive, industry legend Job Simulator from OWLCHEMY LABS, cinematic action-adventure puzzler Moss by Polyarc, that bizarre Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Teaser Demo: The Kitchen by Capcom CO., LTD, time-bending FPS shooter SUPERHOT VR by SUPERHOT Team, extra-spooky sci-fi horror experience The Persistence by Firesprite, and rhythm-based runner Thumper by Drool.

While I’m sure there are many out there who would have much preferred to see Beat Saber or Sprint Vector make the list, the inclusion of SUPERHOT VR and ASTROBOT alone make this a must-download for anyone unlucky enough to have not yet tried these titles.

Image Credit: Vox Media

With the current market flooded with half-baked, often semi-unplayable titles, users are more hesitant than ever towards purchasing what could very well be a potentially broken experience. Free demo bundles could be just what platforms need to help promote high-quality content that represents the best VR available via their service.

How about a SteamVR ‘Demo Bundle’ including bite-size samples of Budget Cuts, GORN, Skyrim VR, and Pavlov VR? Or perhaps an Oculus ‘Sample Pack’ featuring small portions of Echo Combat, Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, and Farpoint?

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