PlayStation VR Game Creator ‘Dreams VR’ Now Available, Here’s How To Get Started

Start building your own console VR experiences today, no headset required.

PlayStation 4 game creator Dreams received its highly-anticipated VR Update earlier today, introducing a variety of game creation tools designed specifically for PlayStation VR.

Whether they’re controlling the action from a headset or in front of a monitor, players can now harness the power of the Dreams VR platform to design, test, and share their own interactive VR experiences, no game development experience required.

Those already familiar with Dreams content creation will tell you there’s a lot to learn; and that goes double for building VR content. Luckily, developer Media Molecule has provided players will a comprehensive guide to Dreams VR and its many features.

You’ll begin by downloading the Dreams VR update on your PlayStation 4 console (free for owners of the existing game). You’ll then have the opportunity to jump into a handful of different tutorials designed to familiarize you with the Dreams VR interface. Media Molecule has also provided several example experiences built using the Dreams VR tool set to help better show the immense potential of the platform.

You’ll definitely want to check out at least a few of these pre-built games before hopping into edit mode. Each experience showcases a different game mechanic made possible via the platform, serving as great reference material.

For additional support, Media Molecule has provided a series of instructional videos on its site, including “How to Create 3D Audio in VR,” “How to Use the Head/Camera Tracker, and “10 Top Tips: Creating VR Dreams.”

For a full list of the new tools and various other improvements, visit here. Dreams is currently available for $29.99 (25%-off) via the PlayStation Store.

Image Credit: Media Molecule

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